Surrounding of the two Polish old towns - in Poznan and Wroclaw – has filled with the sounds of rock and roll!

Whiskey In The Jar is a unique place: during the day it’s a restaurant, a high-end steakhouse, offering the best beef steaks, cooked on the lava grill, as well as exquisite ribs, awesome XXL burgers and other meat dishes. At night the place is filled with the sounds of live music, and its incredible atmosphere attracts rock'n'roll’ fans with different attractions, good food and exceptional liquors.

Its name is derived not only from traditional Irish song, one of the most famous songs of Metallica, but primarily from spécialité de la maison - fantastic drinks based on Jack Daniel's, served in designer jars. Drinks, here called "jars" are prepared in several versions – you can find here flavours both sweet and dry - and even savory.

Whiskey In The Jar is a heaven not only for fans of good rock’n’roll music and Harley Davidson – it’s a place for everybody, who loves American food and good fun!

Whiskey in the Jar in Poznan is located in the Golden Tenement (same place where SARP is), on the southern wall of the Old Market no 56.
Whiskey in the Jar in Wroclaw is located in Tenement under the Green Pumpkin on the southern wall of the Town Square, no 23 and 24.


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